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Amodel (Kyiv, Ukraine) produce a broad line of short-run injection-molded kits. The surface detail is good with engraved panel lines and injection-molded canopies. Decals are included and usually feature at least two options.


Amodel's new kit series will features some of the larger aircraft of Soviet aviation in 1/72 scale injection-molded plastic and fibre-glass composite plastic. All kits are limited edition and don't come cheap. 

 Although Ukraine has apparently adopted the Euro as its export currency (dumping the US dollar and Rouble), which means major dollar-denominated price increases, you'll still benefit from substantial savings by pre-ordering. Remember that the first run (with fresh molds) of Amonster kits are reserved for export only via IBG Poland,  the sole licensed distributor and our long-time business partner.

Kh-35 & Kh-35U/E 'Kayak' (AMO 72173: $12.99)


AMONSTER 017P Tupolev Tu-126 ($245)

AMONSTER 022P Ilyushin Il-22M Airborne Command Post ($185)

Ilyushin Il-20M AMONSTER 013. ($185)

Product code Item Scale Price (US$)
AMONSTER 013 Ilyushin Il-20M 1/72 $185
AMONSTER 017 Tupolev Tu-126 1/72 $245
AMONSTER 022 Ilyushin Il-22M Airborne Command Post 1/72 $185

Kh-55 and Kh-55M cruise missile (AMO 7212 )


Product code Item Scale Price (US$)
AMO 72127 Kh-55 and Kh-55M cruise missile 1/72 $14.00
AMO 72173 Kh-35 & Kh-35U/E 'Kayak' 1/72 $12.99


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