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Thanks to our friend Ken Duffey, we have been able to considerably expand our MiG-21 archive and have decided to split up this page into the variants we cover. As ever, all photos marked as such are the property of Ken Duffey and may not be reproduced in any form without his express permission.

Product available:

1/72 scale:

Equipage wheel sets EQSU 72102 MiG-21F to MF, EQSU 72103 MiG-21bis

Neomega KM-1M e/j seat NEEJ 72003

1/48 scale:

Equipage wheel sets MiG-21F to MF EQSU 48009

Neomega KM-1M e/j seat NEEJ 48003

Herewith a taster of what you can find in our MiG-21 archive:

A Comparison of the MiG-21MF and MiG-21bis

m21comp1.jpg (119743 bytes)

m21comp2.jpg (87003 bytes)



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