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1/72 scale:

Equipage MiG-29 wheel set EQSU 72108

Neomega MiG-29 SMT conversion NECV 72001

                MiG-29 Fulcrum C conversion NECV 72002

                MiG-29 cockpit set NECP 72007

1/48 scale

Equipage MiG 29 wheel set EQSU 48013

Neomega MiG-29 cockpit set NECP 48007

Neomega MiG-29 Fulcrum C conversion NECV 48002 (March 99)


Polygon 'MiG-29'

KhMiG-29.jpg (119610 bytes)

Preproduction MiG-29 at Khodynka Museum, Moscow, October 1998. Note early nosewheel mudguard and tail ventral fins.


MiG-29UB of 592nd 'Puma' VS, Hungarian AF, based at Kecskemet. Note Royal Navy 'zap' on tailfin.

magyar mig291.jpg (366262 bytes)

MiG-29 of 311 Letka, Slovak AF, based at Sliac.

slovak mig291.jpg (308810 bytes)

MiG-29UB 'Tiger' of the same unit as above

slovak mig29ub1.jpg (268741 bytes)


All photos below are the copyright of David Hames and   may not be reproduced in any form without his express permission. You can visit David's excellent RUSSIAN AVIATION RESEARCH page by clicking here.

All the shots below were taken at the Hungarian Air Force MiG-29 maintenance facility at Kecskemet AB. Thanks David, we owe you a pint!

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mig2.jpg (65101 bytes)

mig3.jpg (58018 bytes)

mig4.jpg (64791 bytes)

mig5.jpg (55939 bytes)

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