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1/72 scale:

Equipage wheel set EQSU 72117

Neomega cockpit set NECP 72003

Linden Hill Decals LHD72003 - '21st Century Shturmoviks'

1/48 scale:

Equipage wheel set EQSU 48012

Neomega cockpit set NECP 48003

Linden Hill Decals LHD48003 - '21st Century Shturmoviks'

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T-8-15 (Su-25 prototype) at the Khodynka Museum, Moscow, October 1998. 

HKsu-25_01.jpg (28104 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

HKsu-25_02.jpg (29599 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

HKsu-25_03.jpg (33935 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

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HKsu-25_05.jpg (29919 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

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HKsu-25_07.jpg (40560 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

HKsu-25_08.jpg (38818 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

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HKsu-25_10.jpg (28093 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

HKsu-25_11.jpg (20015 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

HKsu-25_12.jpg (23995 bytes) (Ken Duffey)

Su-25K of the Czech Air Force at Hradec Kralove in August 1998. All the above photos are the copyright of Mr. Ken Duffey (Thanks Ken!)

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