Linden Hill Imports


See also Ken Duffey's 'Flanker' page for more photos of the Su-27

Product available:

1/72 scale:

Equipage wheel sets EQSU 72118 Su-27/30, EQSU 72119 Su-27K/33, EQSU 72120 Su-32FN/34, EQSU 72121 Su-35/37

Neomega cockpit sets NECP 72004 Su-27, NECP 72005 Su-32FN/34

Anna&Co decals ACDC 72002 'Lipetsk shark'

1/48 scale:

Neomega cockpit set NECP 48004

CMSu-27.jpg (133154 bytes)

Early Production Su-27 at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, Moscow, October 1998.



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